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Welcome from Third Presbyterian Church of Newark

I want to welcome you to a wonderfully unusual church. Third Presbyterian Church is a community made up of many diverse ages and stages of life. It’s a community on a mission. Our mission is as ancient as the last two thousand years, and as cutting edge as tomorrow morning's news. That simple mission is (1) to bring people together to make disciples of Jesus Christ, and (2) to transform Newark into the greatest city for Christ. It’s a wild adventure of following Christ into one of the most strategic cities in the world.

The unusual part of our mission is we know it will take 'the whole Church to reach the whole city.' Third Presbyterian Church intentionally seeks to bless and partner with other churches. We want other churches who are proclaiming Christ to grow, prosper and help heal this city.  Newark can be such a lonely tough place to live. We are eager to help connect you with other great friends in authentic relationships. We want to equip you and 'lay down the tracks' so you can be released to discover the ministry God wants to do through you. We want to help touch the pains, poverty, and emptiness of this city with the love of Christ.

I think other than whom you choose to marry, and the career track you make, choosing what church you belong to is one of the most important decisions in your life. If you have a curious interest or a tug on your heart to join us, we would be delighted! If you are looking for a perfect church, we're not it. But if you want to join a people in love with Christ and each other, then we may be an answer to your prayers. come experience what we're about at one of our worship services. May the Risen Christ fill you with His peace!

Sunday morning
Worship services.11:00 a.m.  
Coffee Hour 12:00 p.m

Thanking God for grace,


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